How to NOT look like FRESHMAN… in College

If you are not in college yet, don’t worry. I’m sure that you might find this tips and reasons helpful. And if you are in college, you might find yourself nodding along and probably realizing that you did (or do) this things as well.

  1. DON’T Wear a Lanyard- Back in high school, wearing a lanyard meant being an upper class men. But you are not in HS. You are in college. Nobody cares if you own a car or some fancy keychain. Wearing a lanyard in college, is like voluntarily wearing a label saying “Freshman.” Unless, you want to be label as a freshman. Then by all means, wear a lanyard.
  2. DON’T Wear High School Merch– Coming into college wearing merchandise from your high school, may seem disrespectful to some as you now have adopted a new ‘home.’ It also may give some the impression that A) You are a freshman, or B) You don’t own any other shirts besides freebies. But if that is the case, then by all means wear your cheesy high school merch!  
  3. DON’T Travel in Packs– After speaking to many of my upperclassmen friends and experiencing it myself, traveling in packs was one of the major components that gave freshman off. It’s natural for people to be intimidated by new places such as college, but traveling in a group of 5 plus people can single your group OUT rather doing the opposite. Ironic isn’t it.  
  4. DON’T Wear Orientation Shirts–  Upcoming freshman usually receive a big welcome, thus receiving some kind of tee exemplifying the expected year of graduation. It’s easy to single out who is a freshman on this one. (HINT: People who wear their graduation tshirts are usually freshmen.)
  5. DON’T Brag about things you did in high school– I’ve noticed in some of my classes where freshman alumni is more prominent, freshman students tend to show off some kind of action or title they used to have in high school and expect it to impress people like it did for them back them. In college, people don’t care if you were class president or captain of the football team. People are too busy to be impressed by titles. But hey! It’s a clean slate, take advantage of it!



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