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My name by birth is Sofia Carolina Contreras Leon. Sofia Ché Leon is my ‘professional’ name I go by. I decided to arrange my name and adopt it as a form of brand. And no! Ché is not part of my name, it just sounds right!

Leon means lion in spanish. To me, Leon is the embodiment of courage in life. But growing up I could never felt courageous. I always felt small. Tiny. And being 5’1 ft never helped either.

So, I’ve made it my motto to live up to my last name, Leon, without neglecting the fact that I will always appear physically smaller than the rest of the world.

Sofia Ché Leon, currently resides in Chico, CA. She is studying at Chico State University, and she plans to major in Media Arts. She hopes to work along the Film industry in order to create art along film enthusiast such as herself. Growing up she was fascinated with the process of filmmaking, which led her to early on produce/act/direct homemade movies. They were not a success, not even among family members.

During her high school years, she joined her HS Theater program. Her love and dedication, led her to receive the Legacy Alumni of 2017 at her high school drama dept. She graduated as aThespian Member.

Caroline  previously lived in Southern California, but was kicked out for not committing to enjoy the beautiful weather SoCal provides (just kidding!) She particularly enjoys capturing movements through the art form of photography, if you haven’t noticed already. She also enjoys taking strolls around downtown and explore the many nicks and nacks it possesses. Although she is not a fan of sports, she commits in attending her local gym.



  • Caroline is not my actual name, it is Carolina.
  • Carolina is my middle name. My legal first name is Sofia.
  • I am Thespian Member (Troupe #82164)  
  • Can sleep through a Rave Party..
  • I am more awkward than you think!
  • Major CatLady.
  • I can do a split.
  • Fluently speaks English and Spanish.
  • Mexican proud native.
  • Favorite color changes according to my mood.
  • I used to adopt stray cats.
  • I use to be a ballerina.
  • I dislike social interactions.

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