The Story behind ‘A Year in Pictures-2017’ Part II

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film ” — Aaron Siskind

The Story behind ‘A Year in Pictures-2017’ is exactly what it sounds. It is the story behind every noteworthy memory I’ve captured in the year 2017. It is a brief explanation on why and how I manged to capture these moments.  Please note how this pictures were mainly TAKEN BY ACCIDENT and with loads of pure luck!  I am an amateur photographer who just picked up a camera this last 2016. The greatest pictures you’ll ever take are the ones done by accident,

Without further due, here lays my private collection of cherished memories from 2017. Enjoy 🙂

*If you haven’t checked out the gallery by itself, go check it out!*


26. I was accompanying my best friend to her family’s plantains. Her father cultivated jalapeños. There really isn’t a whole lot of a story here, I must say. We were bored. We took a stroll and played around with the camera. It was an IPhone camera. We were just playing.


27. This was taken somewhere around Baja California Sur, Mexico. Don’t ask me! I have no idea where specifically it is located. As mentioned before, I was on a trip along my godparents and best friend. I was just tagging along, while my godparents visited some friends from the south. They took us to this cove that was just mesmerizing. The algae danced around the rocks, hypnotizing you on the spot. Miles in land, you could smell the sea. It felt surreal.


28. This was taken at the theater as well. Specifically, this was taken at the theater’s wood shop. Notice the equipment around and dust on the floor. This picture is part of my senior parting gift. The girls on the picture are Gaston’s three damsels. They were preparing to go on stage.

Paper Beauty

29. Remember how I said I worked at my high school theater? Yeah, this picture was taken there. We were presenting Beauty and the Beast, and as a senior parting gift I document the moment via photography. I took loads of pictures those nights. The girl above was a backup dancer. She was impersonating a paper plate. She also happened to be the leading choreographer. It was a memorable senior year.


30. This is part of a photo series titled Maria. I know what you are thinking “She appears in every single one of your pictures.”  But that is because it’s true. Maria Fernanda is my best friend and was my only subject. She is a consecutive model for my photography projects.

Golden Girl

31. This is another picture for the photography series Maria. The story for this one is actually pretty funny. One boring afternoon, we decided to make the best out of a boring day and grabbed the camera. We made our way to the bridge near our house, but we didn’t take into account the time of day. Midway through our photo shoot, golden hour striked. With time on our shoulders we decided to use the golden light. We found the nearest tree and the rest is history!

Please know that the background was a wire fence and a freeway. Nothing was really special about this location (expect that extremely aesthetic branch.)

Copy of 007_19a

32. This was taken on my first day out on a midnight photography adventure. I had just discovered the perks of film photography via a disposable film camera, and took it to our nearest hang out spot. OK, I need you to not judge… We went to our nearest Walt-Mart. I know. It was the nearest spot on a walking distance.

I made the mistake of asking my cousin to be my model subject, as he detests posing for my camera. But looking back I am quiet proud of the outcome. the awkward standing and trivial poses, perfectly capture his persona. Thanks cuz.


33. This was taken at San Diego Comic-Con. In the 16 years that I’ve lived in San Diego, I never attended. I still haven’t officially attended. I only strolled outside, so that must count for something. I couldn’t get passes because at the time I didn’t have a job.

My cousins and I took the trolley to get to the convention center. I felt like I was riding the Polar Express. Every stop more and more people would jump in wearing comic merch.

I was jumping in my seat the whole ride.


34. This is the LAST of the Maria photography series. As mentioned in the other pictures, this photo shoot was taken out of boredom. But it is still a memorable afternoon for me, as it was one of the great and spontaneous things about my best friend. And… the outcome captured her perfect aesthetic.

Comic Con 2017

35. As mentioned before, this was taken in in San Diego Comic-Con. Being a fanatic of photography, I set myself to capture the Comic con at it’s finest whilst enjoying the parade. This couple of ladies happened to be passing by. Among the hundreds around us, they stood out despite not wearing a costume. As they passed by I couldn’t help by feel admiration. I don’t know their story, or them in any way. But they reminded me that life is great and that its never late to enjoy anything! Shout out to these ladies!!!


36. This was taken at the San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art. Can you guess who that girl is? Yep, you guessed it right. The girl dressed in denim is Fernanda. I love this picture because it is one of the only intentional pictures I took from our trip to San Francisco. This picture represents her entirely in the sense of simplicity, a subtle color of pink, and perfectly wavy combed hair.


37.  This picture is the end destination of the Feather Tail Trails, Oroville. You can read about my excruciating experience here. I’m just kidding! The trials were beautiful and the scenery breathtaking. I felt blessed to be there, and learned to appreciate nature all together. Aside from have to deal with my unfit body, I managed to keep up with the rest of my fellow hikers, 3 of whom they where my house-mates.


38. I loved this picture because it is on of the cliche photograph forms of street photography. This was taken in San Francisco China Town, as I hurriedly sped from one street corner to another. It’s a warm reminder that sometimes you just have to look up to find beauty in the world, and to find a good angle because this picture is dis-proportioned!

maria final
War Paint

39. This is the offspring of procrastination and Photoshop. Before it was edited, this was one of the shoot that didn’t make it the Maria photo series. I began playing around with the image, until I decided upon a Warhol effect combined with her signature pink. Thanks Above for such great program!

Do Panic

40. This was another shot from my senior high school theater gift. I took this picture because I wanted to capture the funky-out-of-place disco ball (by the way we were doing Beauty and the Beast) but being the naive that I am. I left my shutter speed at 2″ seconds. And … voila!!! Another awesome accident!

Early Start

41. Talking about awesome accidents. This was taken in a Walt-Mart parking lot. And no, we weren’t thinking of buying any Christmas trees. I was trying to manually focus on my subject, the guy in the picture holding my Christmas drink. When I took the picture I was disappointed because I kept mis focusing, but upon viewing the picture I was surprised to see this accident actually added interest to my photograph. Funny how things turn out.


42. This is my sister Diana. I mentioned before how she hates people taking her photograph. But she surprised me once again, and asked me to take some pictures of her.

This is NOT San Fra

43. Some friends from my university and I decided to take a trip down to San Francisco. For them it was just another city walk, but for me it was a giant step toward independence.

Kittying Around the Water

44. This was taken in the middle of the hot and blazing California heat. The girl in the hello kitty swimsuit is my little cousin Emily. We where celebrating my college departure by inviting all my cousins and heading to the pool. We forgot to bring sunblock. We got a mild sunburn.


45. This is Maika. She is a friend and house mate, during my stay in college. She was one of the first people I became friends with. We had gone to explore the town and got some ice cream to celebrate the arrival of fall.


46. Her name is Helena and she is a flat mate of mine. It was 9:00 AM and we were getting ready to go on a hiking trip. Helen wouldn’t leave the house without putting on her colorful eyeshadow first. And let me tell you that the red stayed on for the whole trip.


47. This twins are one of the many pride and joys from San Ysidro High School Theater program. After presenting this show, Beauty and the Beast, they received a scholarship to attend the Annual Shakespeare Summer Program.


48. This is one of the Maria photography series. As mentioned in the other pictures, this photo shoot was taken out of boredom. But it is still a memorable afternoon for me, as it was one of the great and spontaneous things about my best friend. And… the outcome captured her perfect aesthetic.

The Un-China

49. This is a very cliche picture , and it happened to be one of the pictures I am most proud of. I took this while I was speed walking through San Francisco’s Chinatown.


50. This is my cousin Vianney. This picture was actually taken on New Year’s Eve. But let’s say that it’s from this year. She and I grew up together, back when I lived in Mexico. Now we only see each other three times a year and stock each other on social media.


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