I understand sometimes going up to the unknown, can be scary. Specially when you are taking some of your unwanted clothes to get inspected by a stranger (to you. Maybe.) But know that Bootleg, Sue (the owner), and it’s employees are far from intimidating. They made my first, of many, trading experience a memorable one as I was lucky to purchase a beautiful Coach bag for a wonderful price! So thank you Bootleg!

As I wrote before in Bootleg- Chico, coming to the store and presenting some of my garments was as smooth as oil itself. I urge anyone to go on trade, sale, or donate some of your garments to aid the planet’s clothing economy and prevent further pollution!

“Buy. Sell. Trade.”- Bootleg

* 126 W 2nd St, Chico, CA 95928 *

TEL (530) 895-1426

Sunday 11AM–6PM
Monday 11AM–6PM
Tuesday 11AM–6PM
Wednesday 11AM–6PM
Thursday 11AM–6PM
Friday 11AM–6PM
Saturday 11AM–6PM

*   Facebook- Bootleg   Instagram- @bootlegchico  *

*15% off Students*


1- Take your bag of garments for Sue (owner and founder of Bootleg) to inspect, as not all items are eligible for purchase. Remember, Bootleg is set to provide unique and vintage clothing. But don’t worry! All garments and items are welcomed!

MY EXPERIENCE: I filled a bag with clothes that no longer appealed to me, and head over to Bootleg. The bag contained garments that ranged from colorful shorts to a couple of sweaters. One of Bootlegs employee (or the owner herself, Sue) will check out your garments. The owner was working at the time, so she inspected my bagful of clothes.

2- Once they decide what items they will purchase from you, they will give a price value to the item.

MY EXPERIENCE: While discussing the advantages of purchasing second- hand clothing Sue noticed my embroidered backpack. She loved it on the spot! Given the occasion, I decided to trade in my backpack. She priced the bag for a solid $20, a pair of neon blue shorts for $8.

3- Once the value is set, you will have two options: Trade the garment for something off the same value, or receive money!

MY EXPERIENCE: Instead of taking the money, I decided to trade it for a Coach bag that caught my eye when wandering around the store. Since the bag was worth more than the backpack and shorts that I traded, $28 (from the backpack and shorts) was discounted from the final price!

NOTE!– If you plan to become a frequent buyer, you can always open a tab on your name and they will keep count of your score credit.


bootleg 3
Sue inspecting my bag.





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