do we . . . Love ?


Maegan Tintari is a lifestyle blogger based in CA, whose contents range from fashion DIYs to personal insights on infertility. She has been running her blog for a while, as evidenced by her latest post dating back to 2007!

Maegan Tintari’s About Page.


I came across Maegan’s blog (I’m just going to call her Maegan because Tintari seems WAY too professional for someone as casually fab as her ❤ ) When researching alternate ways to create a tiara. You heard right. A tiara. She posted a tutorial on how to decorate your own tiara. And since the moment I set foot on her blog, I was drawn in to it! Tutorials and beautiful insights everywhere!

While reading more about her, I discovered that love Maegan is not only her personal website where she documents and reflects about her lifestyle. It is actually a form of portfolio where she exemplifies her journaling skills. Aside from running a tavern with her husband, she is a freelance writer. She has collaborated with magazines such as Vogue. In a way she provides the service of entertainment and journalism.

But coming back to the initial question. Do we love Meagan? And I am talking about her blog, and NOT Mrs. Tintari herself. In the following paragraphs I will analyse The Principles of Design Maegan utilizes in her blog to facilitate her readers experience. I will discuss the usage of Exposure Effect, Accessibility, 

Exposure Effect – Q2

Example of usage of Exposure Effect in

Exposure Effect- Repeated exposure to stimuli for which people have neutral feelings will increase the likeability of the stimuli.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, Exposure Effect is when something is exposed continuously and its likeability increases because of it. Propaganda for instance, heavily utilizes Exposure Effect to reach the population and create acceptance in any messages presented by parties.

In Maegan’s blog, she utilizes this principle to build her brand- Love Maegan. It is obvious that Meagan is the blonde woman in the images presented in every page, and in almost every tap. She brands every page by displaying her name/ “site name” to emphasize that THIS blog is about Maegan and Maegan’s life.

As selfish as this sounds, it really isn’t. Love Maegan is about Maegan’s life journey.

She uses Exposure Effect with competence as evidence by the choosing of her brand name. The first word of her brand- Love- is positively associated. As previously mentioned, Love Maegan and her picture is displayed in every picture. So when readers first access her blog, they will be immediately absorb the sentence “Love Maegan.” Click after click (if they do decide to further their experience) they are more likely to start to “love” Maegan.

Accessibility – Q2

Example of Accessibility and Simplicity in

Accessibility- Objects and environments should be designed to be usable, without modification, by as many people as possible.

Simplicity- is achieved when everyone can easily understand and use the design, regardless of experience, literacy, or concentration level.

Maegan’s website utilizes The Principle of Design Accessibility with a characteristic of Simplicity. As mentioned above, Accessibility is when things are designed to be usable. In this case, the website/blog, exemplifies this principle with a dominant characteristic of Simplicity.

Although people may argue that Maegan’s pink and colorful aesthetic is not considered simplistic, I beg to differ as the whole website set up is straight to the point and EASY to navigate!

If you take a look at the picture above, she has two navigation bars to divide her social media and topics of discussion. This allows her to provide her readers an easy and simple way to make their way around.

Also, note that the background is purposefully left white to not draw attention from her content. She also left white space to balance the heavily detailed images. This shows how she understands the importance of keeping her website simple. By doing so, she has created an accessible form of navigation.

One of the things that I mostly like about her blog is how accessible it is. Not only her URL is simple to remember but it is exemplified throughout the whole blog. Every picture serves a purpose.

Love Maegan website exemplifies The Principle of Design of Accessibility along with Simplicity. It’s simple navigation menus, not only creates accessibility for the reader but its simplicity creates an overall great experience.

80/20 Rule – Q3

Example of the 80/20 Rule in

80/20- A high percentage of the effects in any large system are caused by a lo/ percentage of variables.

The 80/20 Rule, as mentioned above, is technically when you only use 20% of the content for display. Leaving the other 80% hidden away from sight. Maegan’s home page, exemplifies this Principle of Design to engage her readers by only providing them with the main topics of her blog. By doing so, she facilitates the readers experience by not bombarding her readers with immense amounts of content.

In this case, Maegan only placed 20% of her content in display and placed away the rest. As evidenced by her home page and easy navigation menu (I discussed how accessible the menu is in the segment above titled “Accessibility“), Maegan’s content is NOT discussed in depth. This is a clear sign of the 80/20 Rule.

If you take a look a the image above, she used an image to grab her readers attention and let them decide whether they will like to access the full content or not. Take in consideration, that a significant part of her blog is the quality and amount of her images as her blog is highly visual. So, by providing only 20% of her content thru imagery in her home page and navigation menu, she was able to draw in her readers and allow them to have an option.

The Principle of Design 80/20 Rule is used with competence in the blog lovemaegan. As evidence by Maegan’s homepage containing only 20% of her content, the 80/20 Rule facilitates her reader’s initial experience.

 Progressive Disclosure – Q3


Progressive Disclosure– A strategy for managing information complexity in which only necessary or requested information is displayed at any given time.

Ok, I know I’ve talked about this before but I am going to focus on another aspect of the beautiful and useful navigation menu. In the 80/20 sector for example, I discussed how useful and easy it was to navigate thru Maegan’s website. So in this sector I am going to analyse the usage of Progressive Disclosure in the navigation menu.

Maegan utilizes this Principle of Design to enhance the usability of her reader’s experience using her website. It is evident her blog contains many, many, many blog posts ranging from topics of infertility to DIYs. So by utilizing Progressive Disclosure, which compresses her topics and eliminates this complex menu into organized tabs, she is able to facilitate navigation. Thus, facilitating her readers experience.

Love Maegan exemplifies the usage of the Principle of Design Progressive Disclosure thru her excessive yet simple menu, which hides all the complexity of her content away. She executes this design (again!) with amazing competence.

Archetype – Q4

This is an example of the archetype Love Maegan embodies.

Archetype- Universal patterns of theme and form resulting from innate biases or dispositions.

Archetype is heavily used in this blog. Maegan heavily used the archetype of a stylish middle age woman (since she is one herself). This allows her to keep a uniform theme and content on her blog. After all, the most successful blogs are the ones that carry a universal pattern as they are the ones in which people can relate more. Thus, the success of Love Maegan.

As mentioned previously, Maegan has been expanding her successful blog since 2007. This shows how she is a naturally stylish middle age woman, who used her age status and aptitude for fashion to aid her career as a professional blogger. And since every successful or popular entrepreneur needs to embody brand (universal pattern) she chose the archetype of “stylish middle age woman.” And let me tell you that although she is 40+ years old, she continue to rock this archetype!

Maegan utilizes The Principle of Design- Archetype with competence, and successfully embodies the concept to ensure a successful pattern in her blog. Meagan, you rock the “stylish middle age” archetype!

Storytelling – Q4

Storytelling– A method of creating imagery, emotions, and understanding of events through an interaction between a storyteller and an audience.

This is an example of one of Love Maegan’s DIY pages.

This principle of design is a an obvious one. Blogging is ALL about storytelling. Maegan utilzes storytelling as her primary tool to execute her blog. She does this to connect with her audience on a personal level as a large portion of her blog post are about her life experiences with infertility. She also utilizes storytelling to add meaning to her DIY posts. Think about it as a backstory to her more visual content.

Maegan successful achieves storytelling mainly thru the usage of images. For instance, when completing a DIY blog post, she not only explains with great detail what the DIY item is assembled, she also gives images of the process. This is the most effective way to demonstrate storytelling because she uses both descriptive words and images.

Maegan utilizes storytelling with immune competence as evidence by a successful blog. I believe the main reason for her success is the fact that she understands the importance of good storytelling!!!! Meagan, sweety, you are doing beautiful!

So.. Do I Love Maegan??

So, do I love maegan? That is the real question here.

The answer: Yes.

I do Maegan’s blog.

What is there not to love? Ok, before you start to answer, there might be a few things to not love. Things, such as having too much amazing content that causes her website to load as fast as a sloth crossing q street (I’m exaggerating, but still). But these small and insignificant things, DO NOT take away my love for her website. I think that she does a beautiful job putting meaningful and quality content.

Meagan has been doing this since 2007, meaning she has been writing professionally for more than 10 years. Not to mention, she is a freelance writer and owns a tavern. I think her credibility as an entrepreneur is pretty credible here.

Love Maegan utilizes The Principles of Design with immense competence and grace all through out her website. I believe Meg will continue executing  these principles with amazing love and style.

My overall experience navigating her website has been amazing, and I do not remember an instance where I was disappointed by so. I will continue to enjoy making my way thru her amazing content, and hope she keeps up the terrific work! Maegan, my girl, ROCK ON!!

-Love, Sofia ❤




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