This is my High School Photography Class Portfolio. Proceed with caution… 

12/12/16 Principles of Art

Emphasis-When one element of an artwork stands out more than another.

Balance-The sense of stability achieved through implied weight of an object.

Repetition-When one image is mirrored on the other side to repeat itself.

Proportion-When different types of elements create a visual balance.

Unity- It is achieved when the components of a work of art are perceived as harmonious, giving the work a sense of completion.


Rhythm/Movement-The visual flow of your artwork.


Variety-The counterweight to harmony and creates visual interest by slightly changing or using different elements together in a composition.



12/07/16 Elements of Art 

Line-A path created by a moving point, mark or object.

Value-The lightness or darkness of an object.

Form-Objects having three dimensions (3D), or height, width, and depth.

Shape-A two-dimensional (2D), flat enclosed area.

Space-The element of art that refers to the emptiness or area around or
within objects.

Color-The element of art derived from reflected or absorbed light.

Texture-How something feels or looks like it would feel if you could touch it.

11/28/16 Cloning

11/09/16 Levitation

10/24/16 Portraits

10/22/16 Manual Study

09/15/16 Light Painting

08/29/16 Shutter Speed

08/15/16 Aperture

08/03/16-Triptychs and Diptychs

07/31/16-Vantage Point and Frame


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